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Alpha Levo IQ is a nootropic supplement that promises to boost memory, focus and concentration, and also to reduce brain fog and prevent diversion. It claims to use a sophisticated technology to refresh, reinvigorate and refuel tired brain functions.


Recent reports show that taking even one dose of Alpha Levo IQ can give you better and deeper focus, help you come up with creative new ideas, and trick your brain into concentrating for long hours. Ivy League universities have already imposed a ban on using these smart pills because it gives any student that takes it “a clear and unfair” advantage over other students not using Alpha Levo.



My experience with Alpha Levo Brain Formula:

With the many stories of almost-miracle results I decided to do a 30-day experiment to corroborate whether it was just an advertisement, or whether Alpha Levo is a legitimate brain booster. Here are the week-by-week results:

Week 1

I took one pill and forgot all about it. Maybe 20-30 minutes later I felt great. I can only describe it by saying my mind felt calm and still. I was playing a ‘mind game’ and scored 100% on every answer. It was gret feeling full of euphoria. My thinking was fast and bright, and I felt in the zone the entire time. Can’t explain it – but it was awesome.

Week 2

After first week I was shocked with the radical results. Over the course of the next 5 days I found myself jumping out of bed and felt ready to start a new day – usually I need to snooze 3 times. I felt motivation to get stuff done and have the focus to power through.

I found I need to set alarms otherwise it is very easy to get carried away. Yesterday I was meant to meet some friends but was so focused in work I missed them. Alpha Levo is great for focus, but alarms are a must.

Week 3

The effects of Alpha Levo are still with me. I expected the effects of Alpha Levo run out around the third week due to my body getting used to the ingredients. But my energy levels haven’t dipped at all.

I also find I’m getting less stressed and when I did, I was able to control my emotions better and have a clear mind again.

Week 4

After the fourth week, my final results were amazing. My memory is crystal-clear, and my levels of focus and concentration have been through the roof! My test is over, with these results I’ve experienced over the last month I am going to order Alpha Levo again!



Why Scientists Are Calling AlphaLevo IQ The Next Phase Of Human Evolution…


With so many bold assertions being made about Alpha Levo IQ, one might start to wonder if it’s too good to be true. And with that in my mind, I decided to look into the research behind the product. (The company who makes Alpha Levo, Edge Bioactives, actually lists all studies on their website, so you can decide for yourself – they’re legit.)

One of the ingredients in Alpha Levo IQ was shown to not only rectify the ability to concentrate while reading, talking, studying and performing tasks, but also reverse the ‘cognitive clock’ of the participants by 12 years. So much that that Dr. T. Cook and his colleagues concluded was an importnt invention.



In a double-blind study of 68 middle school students, a key ingredient in Alpha Levo was shown to enhance memory and learning performance. After 4 weeks, the first group of students had memory quotient scores averaging 115, while the placebo group only averaged 104. That’s a 11 point enhancement in memory scores in just 4 weeks. Impressive!

Another component of Alpha Levo IQ was shown at the Memory Assessment Clinics to have SIGNIFICANTLY improved identification function, including recalling people’s names, their faces, phone numbers, the locations of misplaced objects. And — these benefits lasted for up to 4 weeks after stopping the study — which means Alpha Levo may contribute to regeneraion of brain cell growth and restoration of brain function.