Yeastrol is a homeopathic product that works like nothing else on the market today for both Male and Female Yeast Infections.

It comes in the form of a spray and is gentle.


  • Baptisia tinctoria
  • borax 30C
  • Candida albicans
  • Candida parapsilosis
  • Echinacea angustifolia
  • Kreosotum
  • Mercurius Cyanatus
  • Mercurius Sulphuratus Ruber
  • Nitricum Acidum
  • Pyrogenium
  • Sulphuricum Acidum
  • Thuja occidentalis

–  is 100% natural, safe, and has no known drug interactions. Every ingredient was chosen for this unique formula to both alleviate discomfort and help relieve multiple symptoms associated with yeast (candida) infections.

Other Reasons to Use Yeastrol

  •  No Animal Testing
  •  Non-Drowsy, with No Drug Interactions.
  •  Safe for the elderly and high risk patients.
  •  Safe for use with prescription medication, dietary supplements and herbs.
  • 100% Natural – no artificial additives or preservatives